Our multifunctional fuel additive for solid and liquid fuels BURN-ALL & BURN-FAST / BURN-O-THERM

BURN-FAST / Burn-O-Therm:


How B.F./BOT Works?

Improved Combustion: Burn-Fast / Burn-O-Therm instantly gets activated at 350°C and upwards - to drive a chain of rapid reactions to produce highly combustible HYDROGEN & METHANE gases, wherein the product of each reaction drives further reactions to extract combustible products from Coal till ‘COMPLETE COMBUSTION’ of each Coal particle is achieved.

Specially designed catalysts  in the additive detonates  microscopic explosions that, break the fuel into even smaller size. This increases the exposure of the fuel to air and the fuel is thus burnt with reduced formation of soot and smoke. After a period of running - it is  observed that, less excess air is  required in the combustion process.

This reduction of combustion air,  which in normal process, was entering into the combustion chamber - at much less than the chamber temperature ( differential temperature is more than 800 degree Centigrade ) NEGATES THE COOLING EFFECT - it was causing in the combustion process. Thus, more energy is available for use.

The Fly Ash collected from the chimney is dry and free-flowing as it contains no moisture :
In the presence of Burn-Fast / Burn-O-Thermfrom, moisture in the furnace is totally utilized in the combustion process  - to enhance combustion quality and generate more heat. One can observe the change in reduction of stack moisture in the presence of Burn -Fast / Burn-O-Thermfrom the samples of fly ash collected from the stack / chimney.

Improved Heat Transfer -  braking the clinker formation – exposing un-burnt Carbon to combustion air :
Faster decomposition of the Coal particles triggers off the faster release of energy in the combustion chamber & additional time it gets in the normal process takes care of un-burnt Carbon, which in other way generates in normal combustion process. Microscopic explosions that break the Coal particles also automatically shatters the ash  uncovering the un-burnt Coal particles to combustion air.  Shattering of ash at micro-level prevents / retards the clinker formation process. Specially built-in catalysts in the additive helps in releasing more energy, thereby, maintaining the higher temperature. Thus ash fusion rate is reduced  de-accelerating the clinker formation and net energy available in the process is  relatively more which improves heat transfer efficiency.

 Reduction in SFC ( Specific Fuel Consumption )
 Reduction in 'CO' and  excess Air which can be seen in Flue Gas Analysis
 Reduction in Clinker Formation, Soot Formation and  Stack Temperature
 Reduction of un-burnt Carbon in Bottom Ash and  Fly Ash
 Reduction in the Electrical Consumption of ID / FD Fan