Our multifunctional fuel additive for solid and liquid fuels BURN-ALL & BURN-FAST


Burn-All a multifunctional fuel additive which helps in perfect and smooth combustion of hydrocarbon fuels in the following stages of combustion:

1. Pre-Combustion stage
2. Combustion stage
3. Post Combustion stage


How Burn-All Works?

Burn-All is a Blend of natural Organo-amino Compounds in a Petroleum base. It contains FIVE functional constituents:
* Lubricity Improvers,
* Dispersants,
* Surfactants,
* Solvents and 
* Active Catalysts
Burn-All works in all 3 stages of combustion : Pre-Combustion, Combustion  and  Post-Combustion         
Burn-All can be used in any Hydrocarbon Fuel  without any harm to the storage tanks or pipelines as it has almost neutral pH value.

The solvent action of Burn-All reacts with the sludge generated in the storage tanks and pulls out the solid soluble Carbon particles from the sludge. Thus, recovering  almost 40 ~ 60 % combustibles from sludge to fuel oil.

In Pre-Combustion stage, the detergent action  of the Fuel Additive reacts with the sticky sludge deposit in the entire system including pipeline, burners, etc., and cleans it, resulting in the reduction in operating oil pressure.

Reduction in viscocity improves flame geometry - thus improving atomisation.
Specially designed catalysts gets dissolved in any Hydrocarbon Fuel along with Burn-All when it is released  in combustion chamber -  during the  second phase of combustion releasing  nascent Oxygen and converting CO into C   2 .

Reduction in Pollution
Reduction in Burner choke up
Reduction in Fuel  consumption
Reduction in scaling losses
Increase  in Burner / Equipment life


Physical and Chemicals Properties of Multifunctional Fuel Additive Burn-All

    Appearance : Clear liquid
  Color    :    Orange/Red
Odor  : Pungent odor
Boiling range : > 150 – 300 Deg. C
Freezing point : - 18 deg. C
Flash Point : 41 Deg. C.
Chemical Constituents    
Sulphur (as S)
Carbon (as C)
Hydrogen (as H2)
Nitrogen (as N)
Oxygen (as O2)
Sillica content in ash
Flash Point
Auto ignition temperature
Phosphorous (as P)
Gross calorific value (GCV)


g/100g = 0.003
g/100g = 55.58
g/100g = 14.52
g/100g = 0.11
g/100g = 29.79
mg/Kg = Nil
oC =41
mg/Kg = 2.92
Kcl/Kg = 10041.41

Petroleum distilleries : 80 – 85
Organic Ingredients : 20 – 25
Density : 0.790 – 0.810
pH Value : 7 ( ± 1.5)